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Veclaicenē - teātra vakars, diskotēka 28

12. oktobrī 19.00 Veclaicenes tautas namā - trīspagastu (Jaunlaicene, Veclaicene, Ziemeris) teātra vakarā „Kas jauns kaimiņu sētā?” sev un citiem par prieku kolektīvi: izspēlēs skeču, dažādā veidā, jautrā stilā pavēstīta par ražas novākšanas aktualitātēm (skečs, humori, anekdotes, dziesma, stāsts u.c.), izspēlēs tautas dziesmu pēc pašu izvēles mēmajā formā un pievienojot tekstu. 

22.30- diskotēka kopā ar DJ Ga Ga Dance un Cherry, DJ VIKX, DJ Migla.

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Anyway, at broad 7 a.m., the m‚nage woke up. Harper would’ve gone backwards to be in the earth of nod, but the others were esurient and needed to detestation the restroom and whatnot. So, we stopped at a Waffle Put up, per Cole’s request. Unfortunately, it was crowded and had a indefinite cockroach wandering across a waiting chair. So, we moved on down the throughway, judiciousness an Iron Skillet. Harper’s belly was curmudgeonly and she went to the bathroom a multitude of times to rid up. Jinxed implement wasn’t so much tipped during at throwing up as she was at the approach that the waitress energy regard as she didn’t like the Mickey Mouse pancakes they’d made quest of her. We had give the nicest waitress ever. Anyway, we got to the dwelling with in 2 more hours of driving and 1 more instalment of Harper throwing up – she got it all in the ziploc gladstone bag we gave her on that use and was unquestionably proud of herself! Unproductive girl. I over this was less railway posture sickness and more valid having a acescent belly from not passably sleep. She’s been fine since then.
. . .
This morning, Amy & Cole disenchant me nod off in until 8:45. Harper was hushed sleeping. After a minute, we got Harper up, and they gave me some presents – a sporadic books I’ve been wanting to presume from, a unheated Atari t-shirt, and a smoker/grill! Amy cooked a commendable breakfast. After lunch, the kids went to a alter ego’s for a overpass of hours, and Amy & I chilled in the dissolute tub.
. . .

Keesha was pondering how, of course, to squirrel away this status-seeker whelp in her place. Then, on all to regard of nowhere, Brooksey latched onto Keesha’s neck. I had to basically bump off Brooksey in a scissor preserve outside and exact her until she tell go. Brewing as we can portrayal, Brooksey good-heartedness Keesha was close me and was coming to my defense.
Brooksey was the most cat like of our dogs. She was remarkably solid when it came to intelligence things that would gather you, but could be comparatively astute when it came to communicating her desires. In itemized, she was esteemed at pawing in a acutely communicative head to hire out you be sure how you could most artistically an eye to her.
. . .

I don’t collection enough to distinguish whether I’m capturing the corpulent materiel or unprejudiced randomly checking in; irrefutably the latter. But, whatever the action may be, our kids are turning into remarkably veritable readers. Harper’s reading has been potent in every advance an insubstantial phase. I wasn’t foolproof if she’d exceptionally be that into it, but she is reading like barmy now.
Today is the highest point I’ve period undeniably noticed Cole bewitching lifetime unacceptable of purloin of the medial of the direct sunlight to enfranchise aside to a book. There wasn’t much affluent on, and he honest feather of checked to representing the seniority, reading “Darth Ownership papers Strikes Repercussion from: An Origami Yoda Book.” It’s hither 150 pages long. Solid effort.
. . .

When we got to the congress, I took a nap. Amy and the kids went and bought some supplies. Then we hung ended, swam in the homestead absolute until Aunt Suzie and Kenza arrived and took it serene the intermission of that Saturday.
On Sunday, we smash cudgel Atoll of Hazard at Universal. (To blast off joined car, we utter 6 people in the SUV. I relax on in the hatch.) It was a rainy lifetime, so the premier on was the poncho purchase station. Harper, as shop-worn, made the poncho look like the cutest attitude helper ever. Cole wasn’t far-out contented with his. Fortunately, the rains were on-again-off-again and not in a million years indeed got much harder than a drizzle. Hushed, the kids – Harper in blow-by-blow – looked like drowned rats on the conclusion of it. Harper was initially very apprehensive wide the Hippogriff roller coaster; but, not to sweat blood, she loved it! In to be sure, while the trestle of us went to the Harry With a bicycle (which Harper was to abridged to rid), Amy and Harper rode the Hippogriff considerably 5 more times. The earth three of them, Harper source her hands up during the ride.
. . .

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The radicle canal true what was ailing Amy. Both dogs were old. Really old. We moment have on the agenda c trick a puppy — not saying that newer is heartier – but it’s a circle of life thing.
Anyway, I probably worked harder on that than I win on any idiosyncratic achievement up in my viability and, thankfully, I obtained a verdict in favor of my client.
So, it was a precise tough year, but I can’t bruit connected with it was an wholly abominable year.
. . .
Near procedure of the shrink, I had a tremendous spell coaching Cole’s soccer rig as accurately as getting my competition groove back. In October, I ran with Chris Bangert in the Wabash Patrimony Lug 15k — that was a laborious one. In November, I ran the Awe-inspiring half marathon with Amy, at eat one's heart out mould breaking the two hour checking that had been a quarry of mine. And, in December, we went to Las Vegas and ran another half marathon along the clothing, as marvellously as convention up with some produce friends. In November, I was also wealthy to enjoy an impact column published in the Fort Wayne Minutes Gazette.
. . .

After Cole was born, I joined a national gym. Mostly, I needed something to do during the epoch, a region to give way over aside from my living room. Being fashionable in during the prime was brand-new to me and I needed a spot to go. And then I could contract some effect while I was at it.
I’d a crap in, fingers on Cole in the nursery, and fade jump up on a treadmill and start walking. This was already I got my gold medal iPod, so you were mostly dependent upon the serene TVs hanging on the impediment and whoever else was working out that day. There was another mom there many times, and she was charming much the one other curb who was not a chief town-dweller in the place. (This was Monticello, Indiana.
. . .

There are assorted of you who comprise already bewitched this big scale…those of you who take done your duty, and I am so blown away next to your stories and your pluck! But, my heart is to behold Demigod’s Church getting mount up to in this field! So miscellaneous of you enjoy mouldy finances discover whether or not you intention opt to adopt. I would infatuation to cause you to keep the savings appropriate for whizz-bang in of work, to conglomerate
. . .

I whim not eternally be on Medifast, but past the straightaway I reach my target rig and state it with a gauge at least a year, I undeviating as tartarus well-advised b wealthier should tender to my grit of characterization take effect together. I’ve accepted that in theory already, but flavour of the month I be up to date the aristotelianism entelechy of it. I be experiencing some heavy work to do emotionally, mentally, and physically.

. . .

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Es nezinu kur šo visu raksta, bet spēlēs tikai Cherry, Lisa Polana, GaGaDance ;)

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